FlipSpring – Platform for Flipping Houses

How FlipSpring Works

Making Great Finds Easy.

What's The Concept?

FlipSpring is a newly-launched real estate platform geared towards investors who buy properties for renovation and potential resale.

Built by investors, tech enthusiasts, and former property development professionals, FlipSpring allows you to cut through the noise of overpriced, ready-to-buy homes that flood the market.

Instead, we’ve gathered those listings according to specific characteristics and created our own scoring algorithm to help you identify quick wins easily. To make sure you’re still able to get the best deal, we keep everything here private to FlipSpring registered members only.

What Makes FlipSpring Different

We Do the Hunting

FlipSpring aggregates properties from multiple sites that fit specific characteristics, then scores them for you to easily screen through

Members-Only Access

Instead of showing these properties publicly for anyone to snap up, we share them only with our registered members so you get first dibs

Direct contact information

No more hunting around for someone to grant you a visit - we provide the verified contact details of the seller directly to you to help deals move forward quickly

The FlipSpring Process

Get Members-Only Access to Listings

This isn’t for the regular homebuyer – it’s built to help you find the best possible deal and nab it early! To do that, we’ve limited access to the listings and you’ll need an account with us to get started hunting.

This also means you’ll have a place to store your Wishlists and other specific items for your account, making long-term hunting easier!

Algorithm Helps You Find Hidden Gems

Each listing includes a FlipScore – a complex calculation of resell potential determined by a range of factors. You’ll still have access to filters to help you hone in on detail as well, so fire away at us and see what you find!

FlipScores are listed on every property you see, and are determined by over a dozen factors to help you better understand the possibility of reselling the property you see.

Gain Access to Contact Information

Whether it’s buying, bidding, or recovering a bank property that you’re after, FlipSpring covers most valued types of properties and unlocks direct contact information so you can move a deal forward quickly.

The best part of it all? You’ll be later be able to even follow your whole deal flow in FlipSpring (Coming Soon).

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